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Talking with Strangers
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26th-Aug-2007 11:26 pm - Writer's Block: Time Travel
If you could travel back in time to spend a day with someone, who would it be and why?

I would try and spend my time with Princess Dianna, I think she was a really beautiful person, inside and out, and I think that what happened to her with the whole Camill ething and paparazzi crash was just all too sad. She really contributed to the communtiy and related to the people. She seemed like such a fashion... role model and a person to look up to for many things, for that I choose her.

R.I.P. Princess Di.
26th-Aug-2007 11:03 pm - Leafing.
Well, hello everyone. I'm just going to tell you how I am going to London this week for four whole days, but I shall be with my other family, A.K.A. dad's. It should be fun and all, but I am concerned that my step-brother, who has a girlfriend and therefore is 'required' to go onto the computer, will take over it. In case I'm not on and some of my many few friends are wondering why... it wilol all be because of Dawson. Ok tootttlesss.
25th-Aug-2007 11:28 pm - Learning.

So here is a story about how weird I am. Along time ago I heard about livejournal and I made an account, I wasn't quite sure how to work it yet so I decided to call it quits. This same senario repeated itself over five times, until finally my step sisters taught me the know how of livejournal. So this is around my sixth account I believe. I would have used my previous accounts, but since I gave up so many times, I forgot the password on each and every one of them.  ;-)

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